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Effective Business Presentation Tips

“Effective Business Presentation Tips”

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Here are some tips to do an effective business presentation as stated in the article “The Art of Making Business Presentation written by Rupal Jain:

1. Decide your Goal and Topic of Presentation

2. Analyze the Audiences

3. Decide the Form of Presentation

4. Identify the Audio-Visual Aid required

5. Know the Venue and the Equipment

6. Rehearse the Presentation

7. Avoid Information Overloading

8. Effective Body Language

9. Preparation of Handouts and Assessment Form

10. Be a Good Active Listener

Check out the full article as below.

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The Art Of Making Business Presentation
By Rupal Jain

As rightly stated by M.K. Sehgal and Vandana Khetarpal in Business Communication, “While it is one of the easiest things in the world for some people to stand in front of a group of people and to talk, there are many who look scared and ready to rush for a cover at the sight of an audience. The difference in the categories may arise, not from the difference in their knowledge content but from the difference in their Attitude. Even an experienced speaker in the beginning of his speaking career, might have faced the problem of “nervousness”, “butterflies in the stomach”, “increased heartbeats”, “shaking legs”, “shaking voice” and “forgetfulness” which are most obvious signs of nervousness which badly affects the Business Presentation. A Presentation is delivery to a small knowledgeable audience with a concrete, clear and preciously defined purpose.

Here are some guidelines to do a successful Presentation:- Continue reading


How to Create an Effective Business Presentation?

Tips on Creating an Effective Business Presentation

Even as a seasoned executive and a confident speaker, sometimes you might struggle to keep the audience’s attention. Why?

One of the common problems is that you might have not thought enough about shaping the content to suit the needs of your audience.


Here are five steps to creating a great audience centered presentation:

  1. Find a story to tell.
  2. Draw your listeners in quickly.
  3. Explain the threat.
  4. Outline the solution.
  5. Give them an action step.

For details, please view the following YouTube video:

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Powerpoint Presentation Tips

These days, powerpoint slides are very common for business or sales presentations.

How to conduct effective powerpoint shows?

Here are some powerpoint presentation tips as stated in the Toastmaster International website:

“Keep your visual aids:

  • Visible
  • Simple
  • Colorful, but don’t let them upstage you
  • Justified by the content — not too many or too few slides

For effective PowerPoint shows:

  • Don’t read the slides to your audience!
  • Make your text large.
  • Choose colors that make the text easier to read.
  • Use bullet points instead of full sentences.
  • Don’t let the text or graphics fly around too much.
  • Avoid charts and diagrams that are hard to see.

Most Importantly – Remember, you control the presentation; don’t let it control you. PowerPoint should be a “visual aid” – not the entire show.”

In the Basic Competent Communication Manual by the Toastmaster International , there is a project helping you to “Get Comfortable with Visuals Aids”.

Just join a toastmaster club and learn how to conduct effective powerpoint presentations.


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