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Youtube Video: 5 Useful Public Speaking Tips

5 Useful Public Speaking Tips by the Toastmasters International

public speaking“Check out five time-tested Toastmasters tips that will help you master a topic and present it well. Following these tips will ensure your next speech goes smoothly and your audience gets more from the experience.”

Here are the public speaking tips extracted from the video:

  1. Know your subject and your speech.
  2. Know your audience and your space.
  3. Never apologize.
  4. Imagine yourself giving a great speech.
  5. Focus on your message, not on you.

If you want to overcome stage fright and learn to speak with confidence, join a toastmasters club.  You are welcome to visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.



Lessons Learned from the 2022 World Championship of Public Speaking, Cyril Junior Dim
(Main Content Replay for 4 Sept 2022 online event).
– What You Can Learn From It?
– What is Next for YOU?


We at Kampong Ubi believe the last few years have seen changes from video speech submission, and strictly online contesting to hybrid contesting & judging this year.
Let us be wowed not only by the Champions but let us champion the need to keep up with the ongoing changes all around us – from rules, and techniques to technology & trends.

Do come & let us learn together!

Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club

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Highlights of World Champions of Public Speaking 2022

Practice is the key to helping you improve your communication and presentation skills. Join Toastmasters and find a club where you like to practise your speeches in a friendly environment.  You are welcome to visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.


Highlights of World Champions of Public Speaking 2022

Here are the Results of the World Champions of Public Speaking 2022:   winners-trophy

Congratulations to Cyril Junior Dim, District 108, on becoming the 2022 World Champion of Public Speaking.

Congratulations to Alexandre Matte, District 123, on finishing in second place.    Congratulations to Mas Mahathir Bin Mohamad, District 51, on finishing in third place for his speech.

2022 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking: Cyril Junior Dim


The 2022 World Champion of Public Speaking Shares the Makings of His Story

Alexandre Matte: 2nd place winner, 2022 World Championship of Public Speaking

Mas Mahathir Bin Mohamad: 3rd place winner, 2022 World Championship of Public Speaking

Practice is the key to helping you improve your communication and presentation skills. Join Toastmasters and find a club where you like to practise your speeches in a friendly environment.  You are welcome to visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.

Toastmasters clubs around the world serve as the starting point for the World Championship of Public Speaking. Participants then move on to competitions at the area, division, district, and regional levels. The semifinals are comprised of the top two finishers from each region-level tournament. The eight finalists will be chosen at the semifinals by an experienced, knowledgeable panel of Toastmasters.  There will be five to seven minutes for each speaker.

This competition represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many amateur speakers.
Previous winners have leveraged this recognition to establish themselves as well-known paid speakers, giving keynotes and talks worldwide.

World Champions of Public Speaking Winning Speeches Playlist


How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking?

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking?

public speaking fearHave you ever stood in front of an audience and felt so nervous that you couldn’t remember what you wanted to say?
Are you afraid of the unknown?
How to overcome your fear of public speaking?

The following video is part of a series of Toastmasters’ time-tested tips which will help you learn how to recognize and manage the fears associated with public speaking.

Here is the summary of what has been covered in the video:

First, pinpoint those emotional triggers that cause fear to escalate. Then identify the physical symptoms produced by anxiety. And finally, review techniques to help you manage your fear.

What causes anxiety?

  • The unknown
  • Failing
  • The audience’s opinion

Physical Symptoms

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Queasy stomach
  • Sweating and dry mouth

Managing Fear

  • Practice
  • Visualize a great speech
  • Have a beverage handy
  • Relax
  • Take slow, deep breaths
  • Stretch before you speak

Incorporate the tips and the techniques above and in no time you will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to convert nervous energy into positive energy and successfully manage your fear.

Practice is the key to helping you improve in public speaking. Join a toastmaster club and learn how to manage your public speaking fear.

You are welcome to visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.


Public Speaking Tips : Public Speaking For Shy Or Private People

Public Speaking For Shy Or Private People

How shy or private people can learn to speak in public?
Simply join a Toastmaster Club to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking.
You are welcome to visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.

Check out the below article Public Speaking For Shy Or Private People written by Niamh Crowe.


Public Speaking For Shy Or Private People
 by Niamh Crowe

Learning public speaking is like learning to ride a bike. All you need is some initial courage and a sense of balance. Then you have to change gear as appropriate. Once you’ve progressed that far you simply learn when to put on the brakes. 

Most of us have suffered from listening to poor public speakers. We’ve squirmed as they’ve gone on endlessly saying the same thing in a dozen boring ways. Most of us too have admired brilliant speakers and wished we too could captivate an audience. At the very least most of us would like to express our views in public without losing our courage not to mention our voices. 

The thing most public speakers have in common is simply a fear of making fools of themselves. They may be college students who have to study rhetoric as part of their schooling. In adult life those who attend may be budding politicians, trade union activists or aspiring business people. There may also usually be a few shy singles and some married couples sharing a new experience in communications. However interesting the mix they don’t usually expect to start the class with breathing exercises.

Teachers will explain that these exercises will help pupils relax. The truth is that when you see others puffing and blowing you have to laugh. You simply can’t take yourself too seriously when you are bent double swinging your arms energetically. In the context of all this merriment it is usually a only a short matter of time before you all introduce yourselves and explain why you are taking public speaking classes.

Your first challenge is that you have to get used to speaking aloud. So many teachers provide poems and tongue twisters, even bits from the Bible for you to try. You may be asked to bring in your favourite book and read it to the class. You will discover that they quietest person in the class probably loves gruesome tales of the supernatural while the strongest looking footballer loves lyrical poetry. Once you have got used to the sound of your own voice you progress to speaking about everything under the face of the sun.

One week you may rivet your class with your speech about spies. The next week you will find yourself giving your views on the political system or the World Cup. A good teacher will help you to expand your mind and broaden your interests. You may find yourself in the public library swotting up on a totally new subject and actually enjoying it as you visualise yourself impressing your classmates. It doesn’t take long before you are hooked on the challenge of captivating your audience. It won’t matter to you whether they are classmates, members of the local chamber of commerce or even the world synod of bishops.

That’s fine when you can prepare your speech days in advance. Speaking off the cuff is a totally different but part of public speaking is teaching you to think on your feet. So try to imagine what you would say about forks, Santa or the sky at night without any time to prepare. A simple one-minute off the cuff talk can seem like endless torture. Eventually though you master the idea of making a riveting start, interesting context and a thought-provoking conclusion, even if you don’t know the first thing about the subject. You are on your way to being a competent public speaker. Obviously though you will speak with more passion and zeal when you are inspired by the topic. So if you love sport you will find that your sports speeches will have that extra something and that’s good.

All through your life this skill it will be an asset to you. You may have to speak on graduation day, at the office party, when your best friend celebrates his birthday or even at your daughter’s wedding. Your audience may be schoolmates, the local historical society, a computer convention or simply the parish youth committee.

You learn to use a microphone so that it doesn’t catch the knocking of your knees. You will have learnt how to emphasise a point, how to use notes, how to chair a meeting. You master nervous habits such as hand twisting or foot tapping. Most importantly, you learn to write to be said aloud rather than read. You will find yourself listening critically to other speakers whether they are on radio or television or in a local club. You will start saying to yourself, “he never mentioned X” or “He should have said something about Y”. You become, In fact, the original armchair critic. Above all though you will learn that public speaking is great fun.

Public speaking is a very personal thing. It gives you confidence and it makes you more articulate. It teaches you how to put your ideas in sequence. It also helps you to make new friends. Many public speakers join groups such as Toastmasters and make it a lifelong hobby. Others are simply satisfied to be able to give their viewpoint at a local meeting. If you are really lucky you might even find yourself being paid to lecture on a pet subject!

Being able to speak well in public helps your self-esteem. You may find you are welcomed to parties, invited to functions and it might even help you to impress your boss. Certainly it will expose you to lots of new ideas you hadn’t considered before. You might, like one speaker, learn to think of income tax as today’s equivalent to the tithes once paid to the church to support the poor. Now that’s what’s called a persuasive speech!
Public Speaking Tips For Shy Or Private People

How Shy or Private People can Learn to Speak in Public? Simply join a Toastmaster Club to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking. You are welcome to Visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.

public speaking, public speaking tips, shy people, private people, Toastmasters

Some people of course are naturals and can address any audience anywhere with enthusiasm and ease. Most of us though consider public speaking as a fate worse than death, until we learn to master it. The problem then is that by then it will be like the weekly crossword, you’ll just have to keep at it until you get it right.

There is absolutely no feeling like that of holding an audience in the palm of your hand. So go on grab their attention, entertain and inform them and send them away with your words ringing in their ears.

Whether you call it oratory, rhetoric or public speaking it will enhance your life and help you to make lots of new friends. Like learning to ride a bike it is a skill, once learned, that you never forget. 

You may wobble a bit if you get out of practise but soon all the skills you have learnt will soon come back. Then you’ll be freewheeling all the way and your audience will be delighted to come along for the ride!

About The Author

Niamh Crowe is the CEO of the web’s leading speech site ( according to and Online since 1994, her site has thousands of speeches for every event and occasion including birthdays, weddings, graduations etc. She lives in Ireland where she is married to Fred. They have 5 children.

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Define a HAPPY YOU – President’s Opening Address

President’s Opening Address for 28 Feb 2022 Chapter Meeting – Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club  (by Jun Allego)

Define a HAPPY YOU.

2 days ago I attended a networking session and among other things that were talked about were travelling, food and luxury gifts like watches and bags.

At the end of the session, I walked out feeling that those things can make anyone happy.

Kate, if just for once you can choose to travel anywhere you want without having to worry about time and money. Will that make you ecstatic?
Yetti, as a retiree, if for once you can have a food trail and try all the dishes from different parts of the world including the exotic ones, will that excite you?
Stella, if you are given a free pass and shop for any luxury items without having to worry about who pays the bill, would that mean the world to you?

Without a doubt, any of those can mean a ton of happiness to anyone. However, it’s only fleeting like a thief in the night. The feeling doesn’t last long.

Not to worry, I have an alternative or a proposal for you.

You see, I believe happiness is already inside you.
You don’t need to be anywhere else or have anything else to be happy. All you got to do is to master these 3 fundamental steps.

1. Be GRATEFUL – being grateful for what you have and what you don’t have can shift your emotional state in an instant. For example, if you start your day reminding yourself of the things you’re grateful for, you empower yourself to make everyday a wonderful day.

2. Appreciate – According to social media, we living in Singapore are one of the most depressed people. What I can say is that everywhere you go, you are bound to meet someone who is depressed. And one of the key contributing factors of what these people are going through is expectations. They’re expecting for everything to be right. They’re expecting for those around them to be perfect. As an alternative, you can start your day by looking for something to genuinely appreciate about the day or about someone and say it. Something like, Kate I really like you coming on time for our meeting. It speaks a lot about how much you respect our time.

3. Forgive – holding a grudge is like a rust on metal, slowly it will eat you away. Learn to forgive anyone who may have wronged you. You’ll never know, one day it will be you asking for it.

There you go, ladies and gentlemen. My alternative to HAPPINESS.
It doesn’t require you to be anywhere else or to have something else. And most importantly, we don’t have to break the bank just to be happy.
It only requires you to choose to be GRATEFUL, APPRECIATIVE AND FORGIVING.

If you want to overcome stage fright and learn to speak with confidence, join a toastmasters club.  You are welcome to visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.