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How To be a Good and Effective Emcee?

How To Be a Good and Effective Emcee?
What makes a good MC? 

a-good-emceeWhat does the master of ceremonies do?

Check out a good reference article “How to Be a Good Master of Ceremonies” at Wikihow.

“A master of ceremonies (also known as an MC or emcee) is the official host for a staged event, performance, or party. Normally, a master of ceremonies introduces speakers, makes announcements, and engages with the audience to keep the ceremony agenda flowing as smoothly as possible. While being a master of ceremonies might seem like a daunting task, there are a few ways you can nail your responsibility as MC, and radiate confidence and charisma to keep the ceremony entertaining for all…

Preparing Before The Event
1. Know your event.
2. Know your responsibilities.
3. Know your role expectations
4. Do your research.
5. Stay organized.

During The Event
1. Remain clam.
2. Prepare the opening of the event.
3. Introduce the speakers.
4. Bridge between segments.
5. Be prepared for anything.
6. Close the event.

“As an emcee, you have to stay in control, even if the unexpected happens.”
“When you are the master of ceremonies (also known as an emcee) of an event, your role is crucial to the success of the program, whether it’s for your company, a professional association or a nonprofit organization. A bad emcee can ruin an event while an excellent one creates a seamless and engaging experience in which speakers feel comfortable and the audience feels included from start to finish…”


Here are 12 effective emceeing tips mentioned in the above article:
1. Be clear about your role.
2. Prepare speakers thoroughly.
3. Opening remarks set the tone.
4. Don’t “wing” introductions.
5. Names matter.
6. Titles matter.
7. Staying on time matters.
8. Do an on-site rehearsal.
9. Don’t introduce strangers.
10. Manage the stage.
11. Be prepared for the unexpected.
12. Make sure to follow up.

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Practice is the key to helping you improve your communication and presentation skills. Join Toastmasters and find a club that you like to practise your speeches in a friendly environment.