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10 Tips to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking

  1. Prepare.
  2. Understand your fears.
  3. Loosen up.
  4. Be human.
  5. Tell a Joke.
  6. Keep it light.
  7. Pause.
  8. Don’t try to sell something.
  9. Don’t fear your audience.
  10. Be willing to make mistakes.

7 tips for becoming an excellent public speaker

  1. Practice transitioning from a transcript to your memory.
  2. Use notes sparingly.
  3. Release nervous energy with controlled breathing and lay off the coffee.
  4. Take your time.
  5. Place to your strengths.
  6. Don’t apologize at the start of your speech.
  7. Know your audience.

The 17 Public Speaking Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

  1. You don’t have to tell them what you’re going to tell them.
  2. Cut, cut, cut!
  3. An entire story is designed to serve the end.
  4. The speech starts with your bio, before you walk onstage.
  5. Establish right away that you know what the world looks like for them—and what it could look like.
  6. Reward your audience for participating or contributing in some way.
  7. Use open hands with your palms up instead of your finger for pointing.
  8. People say yes when we’ve affected them intellectually, emotionally or physically.
  9. Outline your content and then unpack it.
  10. Use props.
  11. Use contrast and extremes to create excitement and keep attention.
  12. Keep moving forward. Never let your energy drop.
  13. Audiences like to think that events on the stage are happening spontaneously.
  14. Stand and land.
  15. You can move and talk at the same time.
  16. Don’t say, “I’m glad to be here.” Show them that you’re glad to be there instead.
  17. Don’t tell them you’re going to tell a story. Just tell the story.

Command The Crowd: 3 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

  1. Focus on your breathing.
  2. Practice three times as much as you think you need.
  3. Visualize the situation.

#1 Tip for Getting Past the Fear of Public Speaking

  • Don’t focus on yourself. Shift the focus from YOU to the AUDIENCE.

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