Fear of public speaking

Useful Public Speaking Tips for Beginners

Powerful Public Speaking Tips for Beginners

Public speaking can be really daunting!

Fear of public speaking

Here are some useful public speaking tips for beginners:

1. Open with a story.
2. Eliminate fears before you go on stage.
3. Know your content.
4. Be prepared for tech failures.
5. No one wants you to fail.

For details, please check out the below YouTube video.


Check out the following speaking tips too.

18 Powerful Public Speaking Tips For Absolute Beginners
Source:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/18-powerful-public-speaking-tips-absolute-beginners-haldorsen

1. Act In-Spite of Yourself – Just Do It!
2. Always Build On Your Strengths
3. Practice with People You Know and Feel Comfortable With (Including Yourself in The Mirror!)
4. Record yourself to Train your Voice and Body Language
5. Carefully Study and Emulate Your Favorite Public Speaker(s)
6. Become a Serious Armchair Public Speaking and Body Language Expert
7. Work on Ditching The Notes
8. Have Plans for the Unexpected
9. Do Pre-Event Promotion
10. Add Social Sites to your Actual Presentation – Especially Twitter!
11. Establish a Pre-Speaking Routine
12. Exercise and Breath before Your Speech
13. Thank Your Audience When You’re Done
14. Analyze Your Performance For Next Time
15. Don’t Talk Right Away
16. Never Start with An Apology
17. Show up to Give, Rather than Take
18. Choose to Turn Your Nervous Energy into Contagious Excitement

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