Practical Public Speaking Tips to Engage Your Audience

Try These 5 Public Speaking Tips to Engage Your Audience and Make Your Next Pitch Sound Like a TED Talk

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“The most popular TED Talks share five qualities that any entrepreneur or speaker can — and should — adopt in their very next pitch or presentation.”

  1. TED speakers are passionate.
    “Deliver presentations on topics you’re passionate about and don’t be afraid to express your enthusiasm about a subject. It’s contagious.”
  2. TED speakers tell stories.
    “Personal stories build trust between two people. Tell more stories to make a deeper, emotional connection with your audience.”
  3.  TED speakers use pictures
    “When you tell stories, make sure your slides have more pictures than words.  Simply put, pictures are more effective than text alone on a slide.”
  4. TED speakers keep it short.
    “TED Talks have a strict limit of 18 minutes. Why 18? According to Chris Anderson, 18 minutes is “short enough to hold people’s attention, including on the internet, and precise enough to be taken seriously. But it’s also long enough to say something that matters.”
  5. TED speakers put in a lot of practice
    “Rehearse repeatedly is a guideline that the TED conference gives its speakers. Your business presentation is a performance. Rehearse for it.”

You may never give a TED talk, but these five tips probably will help you stand out when you speak in your next presentation or business pitch.

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