Useful Public Speaking Tips for Delivering an Effective Speech

16 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking

  1. Know Your Stuff
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice
  3. Talk Yourself Down
  4. Wallow in the Worst
  5. Visualize the Outcome
  6. It is Not All About You
  7. When Things go Wrong
  8. Keep Calm, Don’t Rush It
  9. Focus on Getting Through the First 5 Minutes
  10. Never Apologize for Being Nervous
  11. Don’t Share Your Mistakes
  12. Arrive Early
  13. Stretch
  14. Breathe
  15. Double Check Everything
  16. Don’t Fight Your Stage Fright … Work With It

20 Useful Tips on Public Speaking

Public Speaking

  1. Exercise Beforehand
  2. Develop a Routine
  3.  Make Sure You’ve Eaten
  4. Prep First, Speak Later
  5. Start with a Bang
  6. Take Dramatic Pauses
  7. Don’t Give All the Answers
  8. Don’t Apologize
  9. Answer Questions
  10. Repeat Questions
  11. Get Personal
  12. Keep Slideshows Brief
  13. Don’t Rely on Slides
  14. Tell Your Audience Something New
  15. Don’t Try and Sell Something
  16. Have a Back-up Plan
  17. Always Repeat Yourself
  18. Hand Out Homework
  19. Know When to Zip It
  20. Try and Have Fun

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