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Opening address – President’s Inaugural Speech on 26 July 2011

If you want to overcome stage fright and learn to speak with confidence, join a toastmasters club.

You are welcome to visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.


President’s Inaugural Speech on 26 July 2011 by Ramana Boyani

A splendid good evening to our district officers, my fellow Toastmasters and guests!

It is my privilege to be the President of Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters club for the term 2011- 2012.

Being the President it has increased my responsibilities and commitments. But I am very happy that I have an excellent team who are more committed and enthusiastic than me. With their support, I am sure we will achieve our club success.

I always believe the value of team work. I always believe my members dreams…and most importantly

I believe myself. With the experience as a Vice President Membership for the last term, I am fully confident that I can overcome all the challenges in the future.

On 20 Sept 2009, I got a call from one of my friends, and he invited me to a Toastmasters seminar.

My immediate response was “I am not interested in toasting or baking courses. Because my wife does not allow me to cook” : )  He said,” it is not about the cooking or baking..It is about toasting your public speaking skills”… hmmm.. That sounded good to me. After 3 days, I visited Chai Chee Community Club along with my friend. As usual the guests were called on to participate in the Table topics. I didn’t dare to step forward. After the seminar I had realized the importance of public speaking in my life. This is the programme sheet for that day. It was so simple… there was no president name and there are no names of the exco team… But I still preserve this… do you know why?….that was the place I got enlightened. I realized about my fear of speaking ….But after 2 years from that day, I am standing in front of you as a President of one of the leading Toastmasters clubs in Singapore. I am very thankful to the friend in my story who showed me the way. He is none otherthan our club member TM. Rao. Please give him a big round of applause!

“People who take initiative and work hard may succeed, or sometimes they may fail. But anyone who does not take initiative is almost guaranteed to fail”.

  • Initiative is often the difference between success and failure. Initiative is the first step to anywhere you want to go. My message to all of you…
    “You don’t have to be good, to start: you have to start, to be good”. I repeat…”You don’t have to be good, to start: you have to start, to be good”


Start your Toastmasters journey … I am sure, you will become a better speaker, a better listener, a better thinker eventually a better leader. Continue reading


Opening Address – Think and Grow Rich

“Think and Grow Rich”
Opening address – 28 June 2008 chapter meeting

A very good afternoon to you all!
Welcome to Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club.

I can’t believe it is June already. Today is the last chapter meeting in this term.
Next month, we will start the new term. So it’s the time to think and grow rich. What do I mean?

I mean to think what your expectations are for joining toastmasters. And then aspire to grow your public speaking skills by doing your projects. Eventually your hard work will pay off in rich dividends.

Make a commitment to yourself to be a better speaker, and you will be a better speaker.  Also, you are welcome to bring friends to our chapter meetings.  Do you know lots of people out there want to join a toastmasters club, but have never heard of toastmasters before?

As you may know, the toastmasters movement has had a great impact on many people.
So, your friends may thank you one day for your invitation that may well have changed their lives.

What have we achieved as a toastmaster club during the term?

First, we have launched a new website and a blog for our club.  The main purpose is to attract more visitors and to share resources on public speaking. I think our main objectives have been fulfilled. We have had more visitors at our club meetings and positive feedback has been received from the blog and the website.

Actually I hadn’t expected to receive comments from readers outside Singapore. But I have received appreciative comments from toastmasters living in US, the Netherlands or even Oman.  I think it is the beauty of the internet.

This year, our club organized a Speaking Skills Workshop. The response to the workshop was overwhelming. In today’s meeting, most of our prepared speech speakers have come from the Speaking Skills Workshop.

Edward is unable to be with us together as he has to attend a 5-day workshop. But, I still want to take this opportunity to thank him again as he did most of the hard work for organizing the speaking skills workshop.

Next term, Edward will be the Club President. He is a very experienced toastmaster, and has been a member of Kowloon-Singapore TMC since its inception. He has served in every position on the Exco, and we are privileged to benefit from his expertise.

In addition, Edward has had a high profile as a District Officer. Next term, he will be the District 80 Secretary.  Kowloon-Singapore TMC is well-known because of his contribution.

Whenever our club faces a challenge, Edward is the one that we would go to for advice.  And he always gives helpful suggestions to the team. 

Under his leadership, I am sure our club will climb to a greater height.
Back to you, toastmaster of the day.

Club President 2007-2008
Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club