How to Give a Good Technical Presentation?

How To Deliver a Technical Briefing?

“Giving technical presentations is a fact of life for many of us. Delivery is difficult. Putting your message across is important to you and your work. Here are several important issues you should keep in mind when you give a technical presentation.”

Remember the following 5 basic techniques:
1. Keep in Simple
2. The 18 Minute Wall
3. Regain Attention
4. Anecdotes
5. Plan

Your point of view has to be valid, important and push for action. Be interesting!

For more info, check out the below YouTube video. 


“You’re giving a speech and it’s about your ideas. Whether the ideas are technical or financial or theoretical, that doesn’t matter. The challenge is still the same. How can you get your audience to understand, one idea at a time, and to remember, one idea at a time.”

For more details, check out the below YouTube video on How to Give a Technical Speech.


The next video shows the basic concepts on making a technical presentation, including:

  • Organization and presentation of material
  • Technical Content/Depth
  • Communication and speaking ability of presenter
  • Professionalism of view graphs and presentation
  • Ability to answer questions


“A technical briefing is a speech that conveys technical information to a specific audience, usually in a workplace.

Technical briefings should be presented in a way that allows an audience to understand and apply critical information. Technical briefings can range from an engineer briefing a group of managers on a current project, to a retail supervisor explaining a new company policy to the store employees. Follow the steps below to ensure your technical briefings are as effective as they can be:

  • Know your audience. Avoid using too much industry jargon or material that is too technical for your colleagues to easily understand.
  • State the purpose of the technical briefing in one or two sentences and use this summary as the focal point for the entire presentation.
  • Arrange the material into an outline containing an introduction, main points and a conclusion.
  • Summarize the main points of the technical briefing during the conclusion.”


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