How To Improve Your Voice for Public Speaking

How To Improve Your Speaking Voice

“Your audience judges you from the moment you stand up to speak. If you are dressed well and are neat and clean, their initial impression of you will be positive.  However, if your voice is squeaky, your words unintelligible, or your voice too loud, their positive impression quickly will become negative.  If you want to communicate effectively and positively influence your audience, you must pay special attention to your speaking voice.

Extracted from Your Speaking Voice published by Toastmasters International

Inside the Your Speaking Voice, you will get tips for adding strength and authority to your voice,  click here to read it over the net or download it to your device for future reading.

Topics include:

  • The Medium of Your Message
  • How Your Voice is Created
  • What kind of Voice Do You Have?
  • Your Speech Profile
  • How to Improve Your Speaking Voice
  • Rehearsing Speeches
  • Presenting Speeches
  • Your Voice and Your Image
  • Speech Profile

Check out the following Youtube Video on how to improve your voice presented by a top TV voice expert. 

The following youtube video explains Five Aspects of a Powerful Speaking Voice.

Practice is the key to helping you improve in public speaking.
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