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How to Write a Speech

Tips on How to Write a Speech for Your Presentation…

What To WriteWhen writing a speech, you should try to know the audience and then determine the overall goal of your presentation. Learn some useful writing tips from the following Youtube videos on writing techniques.

Remember when you write a speech, you have to first know who your audience is.  You want to make sure that you know what the goal of the presentation is too.

Try to provide great take-home value for your speech. Create a presentation that makes change for which it can help people to improve their lives, to improve their productivity, and to improve the overall outlook on how they face the challenge of every day.

Write the speech in three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end. If it’s going to be about an hour speech, then write it into eight to ten-minute segments.  That’s about how long you can keep somebody locked in on one particular point or subject before having to transition into another point or angle.

How to write a speech outline?

Check out the below video by Darren LaCroix, the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking.

As explained in the above video, a speech outline should include:
– Attention-getting opening to tie into the core and the reason for the presentation.
– Body
Point 1
Point 2
Point 3
Call for action
– A strong close can tie it back to the opening for greater impact

For what to write for your speeches, click here for more information.

Practice is the key to helping you improve in public speaking.
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Top Tips for Business Presentations and Public Speaking

Top Tips for Your Business Presentations

effective public speakingWhen you’re giving a business presentation or a speech you want to appear natural so as to make the audience feel relaxed watching.

Check out the below Youtube video for speaking tips that will help you put together and deliver clear and compelling talks and speeches.

Remember don’t simply rely on your PowerPoint slides to do your presentations. Get a blank sheet of paper and plan what you’re going to say. And in the very last thing you do is what visual aids to use to help you get your point across. Good opening and closing are very important.

Too often, a speaker loses his audience before he even gets to the core of his speech.
Check out the below video on how to create terrific openings and closings to presentations.

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