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Public Speaking Tips: How to Engage Your Audience

How to Engage Your Audience?

What is the best way to engage an audience?  Check out the below article.

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Public Speaking Skills

By Praveen Suryachandra

Executive speech coach and award-winning speaker Patricia Fripp was recently asked, “What is the best way to engage an audience?” This is the advice she gave the attendee at her San Francisco Speaking school:

“The best way to engage an audience is to be prepared, personable, polished, practical, and profound.”


Know who you are speaking to: why are they there; what part of the agenda; what is the purpose of the meeting and expected outcomes of your contribution?

Is there a theme for the meeting?

What is the state of their industry?

What is the organization proud of?

What are their challenges?

What is a typical day in the life of the audience members?

Ahead of time, can you interview a few people who will be in the audience and find ‘sound bite’ quotes? Continue reading