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Raymond Yuen Has Made Us Proud!

Dear Members and Friends,

Please join me in congratulating Raymond Yuen for his achievement in the Division U Humorous Speech Contest held on 18 October 2008 at Whampoa CC. Raymond was the 2nd runner-up of the Contest!

Raymond, you have testified that old dog not only can play new tricks, but also can win in a speech contest.

Please keep up your good work. We are proud of you.

Yetti attended the speech contests to support Raymond and was rewarded. She made the right choice in the “Guess the Champion” game. During the lucky draw, she was picked as one of the 4 winners.

With the warmest regards,

Edward Ma, DTM
Club President

Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club

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How to be a Champion Communicator?

How to be a Champion Communicator?

“An astonishing speech was given by Al Argo how Champion speakers are shaped and groomed during his 20 Minutes workshop. Missing this kind of speech would have been a repentance. His speech was a wonderful gift for everybody….”

Al Argo delivered a 20 minutes talk on “How to be a Champion Communicator” on 16 Oct 07 at the Frontier Toastmasters Club.

“Al Argo is a Asia’s Engaging Speaker. He is also a member of Asia Professional Speakers (affiliated with National Speakers Association-USA and the International Federation for Professional Speakers).”

Club President 2007-2008
Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club

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