2008 KSTMC Speaking Skills Workshop

Dear Club Members and Friends,

Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club successfully conducted the 2008 Speaking Skills Workshop.

I would like to congratulate Speaking Skills Participants for completing the Workshop.
They have worked hard to learn speaking skills, to prepare your speeches, and to overcome the fear of public speaking!

Every participant is now a member of Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club.
Enjoy your toastmaster’s journey!

I would like to thank Edward. He is the co-coordinator of this workshop. He did most of the hard work!  Also, I would like to thank our club members and other toastmasters who have helped us as facilitators or evaluators.

With your help, we successfully conducted this Workshop!

Click here to view photos taken at the last session of the workshop

Our next chapter meeting will be held on Tuesday, 27 May 2008 from 7:30 pm to 10pm.  Take note of the date and do make an effort to come.  We will be holding our AGM immediately after the meeting.  It is at the AGM that we will be electing office bearers for the new term.

See you at the next meeting.

Club President 2007-2008
Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club
Please find the below message written by Edward to all workshop participants.

Dear Workshop Participants,

The evening of 15 May 2008 marked an important milestone in the history of Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club. We successfully completed the Speaking Skills Workshop with at least 7 happy participant-turned-members!

It has always been a great challenge in organizing a speaking skills workshop, given the need for so much manpower resources, planning and coordination. Against all odds, we went ahead. As it turned out, we were more than happy to see so many of you being able to make a marked improvement in speaking skills within such a short time. The sense of satisfaction, and the joy and pleasure thus derived, outweighed the agony and the hard work we put in, making the workshop a really meaningful task worthy of our efforts.

As we have emphasized time and again, completing the speaking skills workshop is just a baby step. It is only the end of the beginning. You need to stay in the journey continuing to practise, practise, and practise. Since you have started the journey, please continue.

The next club chapter meeting is to be held on Tuesday 27 May 2008 at 7.30 p.m. Silva and Gary will present their Ice Breaker and Be in Ernest speeches respectively. Hope to see you all that evening.

Attached are the group photos taken before the end of the last session on 15th May. Hope you will like them.

Best regards,

Edward Ma
Vice President of Education
Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club


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