Two Questions about Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

“Two Questions about Overcome Fear of Public Speaking”

I have received an email from a reader recently.

He has two questions about overcome fear of public speaking.
Please see the questions and my reply to him as follows.

Q1. Could you advise normally it would take how long to overcome the fear of public speaking?

It depends on individuals!
If a person has a great desire to overcome fear of public speaking, he or she can gradually control this fear if time is spent on reading the manual and doing the speech projects. If one only watch others doing their speeches and does not actively participate, it will not be easy to improve his or her confidence. The key to improving a person’s presentation skills is to do speech projects regularly.

“Practice makes prefect!”

Q2. Will there be personal coaching for shy people?

A mentor will be assigned to guide each new member for the first few speeches.
“Mentors serve as role models, coaches and confidantes, offering knowledge, insight, perspective and wisdom to less experienced members…”

Guests are very welcome to attend our next month’s normal chapter meeting.

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