Public Speaking – How To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking And Speak With Confidence

Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking And Speak With Confidence

Fear of public speaking
The Public Speaking Fear is a funny video showing the facts about the Fear of Public Speaking!

I think it is totally true that most of our fear of public speaking comes from the fear of the unknown. Therefore, the key to overcoming your fear of speaking in public is through effective preparation.

Practice is the key to helping you improve in public speaking.

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Public Speaking – How To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking And Speak With Confidence
By Lynne Lee

Public speaking is listed as the number one fear. The book of lists tells us that people are more afraid of speaking to a group of people than they are of dying!

Does the thought of public speaking make you nervous? You can overcome your anxiety and learn to speak confidently.

The best way to overcome your fear of public speaking is to be sure that you know your subject and have everything under control. Most fear comes from fear of the unknown.

Anxiety springs from worrying about little things.

Will they like me?

What if I forget something?

What if I’m boring?

What if I look stupid?

The key to a good presentation is effective preparation. If you’re well prepared you won’t need to be worried about anything of those things.


Who is your audience?

Why should they listen to you?

What are the benefits to them?

What are your key points? Make sure they follow a logical order

When are you speaking? How long for?

Where is the venue?

How are you going to present your information?

You’ve got an important message that you want to get across and some people will only be able to hear it from you.

An effective talk contains only three or four main ideas. What are the important ideas essential for understanding your topic? These are your main points. Make an extensive outline, collect supporting details and find appropriate quotes.


Practice is essential.

Start by reading through your detailed outline.

Time yourself.

Get familiar with your material to the point where you can make a keyword outline.

Don’t try to memorise the whole talk.

Keep on practicing with your outline until you’re familiar with your content and the sequence.

Record yourself and play back the recording. You’ll soon see what needs to be improved and what went well.

Aim for a conversational tone. It helps if it sounds natural and impromptu but do make sure you know your topic inside out.

“It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” Mark Twain


Decide how you’re going to start. Your beginning could include telling your audience why they want to listen and how your talk will benefit them. It’s worth memorising the first few sentences so that you can start your speech confidently and energetically.


Summarise your main points and give a call for action in your closing statements. If you memorise your last few sentences you’ll be sure of a strong ending.

If even thinking of giving a talk makes you anxious, you probably will be anxious regardless of how well prepared you are. However, if you follow these guidelines you’ll be less anxious and you’re guaranteed to give a better presentation.

You’ll find that once you overcome the fear of public speaking you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

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Lynne Lee is a Christian life coach and spiritual mentor. She helps people to re-design their lives around what matters most.

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