Youtube Video: How to Start a Presentation

How to Start a Presentation?

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Learn how you can start a presentation and get the audience’s attention and curiosity so as to make a great impression and engage your audience.

Learn 3 sentences to help you start a presentation.

The 3 sentences to help you start a presentation stated in the video are:

1.  What do you think of when you see/hear…?
2.  That’s exactly what most people would think.
3.  What I think is…

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4 thoughts on “Youtube Video: How to Start a Presentation

  1. Anonymous

    Fear of public speaking is a naturally occuring phenomena
    in most people.
    The cause of this fear is the realisation that you will be
    standing in front of an audience and they will be judging your every statement and every move.

    The reality is they won’t, they just want to hear what you have to say.

  2. presenting

    Your opening statement is probably your most crucial statement.
    Spen some time on getting this right and the rest of your presentation will be appreciated by your audience

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