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Youtube Videos – Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

“Youtube Videos – Overcome Fear of Public Speaking”

Here are two good youtube videos taking about how to overcome Fear of Public Speaking. Enjoy!

Club President 2007-2008
Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club


Michelle Yozzo Drake – Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

“Fear of public speaking ranks higher than fear of DEATH! Michelle Yozzo Drake reveals her secrets for overcoming the fear of public speaking to deliver powerful presentations”

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking: Be a Confident Speaker

“”There are many speaker myths out there that need to be dispelled in order to overcome the fear of public speaking,” says Larina Kase and Harrison Monarth, authors of “The Confident Speaker.”
One is, if you’re anxious you will not perform well. In reality we actually need anxiety to perform well; we just need the right level of anxiety. People start getting a little nervous, they feel their heart beating quickly and they think oh no, I’m anxious, I’m not going to do a good job when we found in research that in fact when people are a bit anxious they do a fine job.
You can be proactive and learn supportive, empowering strategies that will help you to go from scared speechless to confident speaker…”