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How to Pick a Public Speech Topic by Analyzing Your Audience

How to Pick a Public Speech Topic?

speaking tipsA great speech topic depends on your audience. Get tips for analyzing your audience before speaking in this video clip from a professional public speaker, Tracy Goodwin.

Here is the transcript of the speech.

Ok. We have established that you’re giving a speech on a certain topic:  informative, persuasive, special occasion, so forth and so on. The first thing we have to look at is your audience. Who in the world are you speaking to?

Ok.  We’ve got to look at a lot of different areas about your audience that you might not have thought of. Because we have to pick a speech topic that’s going to be appropriate for who you’re speaking to as well as remember something worthwhile and something that they’re going to be interested in.

So let’s just look across the board at the demographics now. By demographics, I’m talking about things like age. Are you talking to 20 years old? Are you talking to 60 years old?  Because you and I both know you talk to them very differently okay.  What is the age for they are? Are they all 20? Are they all 60 or are you looking at a cross-section?

What’s the gender? Are you talking to women? Are you talking to men? Because trust me you’re gonna find out if you don’t already know you talk to them differently. Okay?  Do you need to look at anything like religious background, economic background, educational background and most importantly what do you have in common with these people.

What do you have that is similar and what do you have that’s different. Are you all college students? Great! Check that off. Ae you all working for the same company? Great. Check that off? Are you all in sales? Great. Check that off.  It’s important to take a look at all those demographics because you want to write your speech and pick your topic to make it interesting for that group of people.

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Youtube Video – Story Telling

Story Telling

Public speakers like to tell stories as part of their presentation. Why?
People love to hear stories. A well told story will capture listeners’ attention.

Tell a story. Make a point.
Stories Sell…

Patricia Fripp is an award-winning speaker.
Check out her below video about “Stories Sell”.

Here is the transcript the the speech:

“No speech is going to be memorable unless it’s full of really fascinating stories. Listen to the secret formulas behind them. 

I want you to upgrade the caliber of your stories.  When you are talking to people, practice telling the stories. The secret is they need to have what I call the Hollywood model: character dialogue and dramatic lesson learned which is of course doing business with you is the best way to plan your vacations. 

But whenever you are telling a story to a prospect, make sure it is populated with flesh and blood characters. Just like the people you were talking to. Because what I’ve been doing today I’ve been telling stories. They have a point that they tell a story. People don’t remember what you say. People remember the story and the picture that is created in their minds while they listen to you.

Robert McKee the screenwriter said stories of the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful clearer more meaningful experience.  And given the choice of a trivial story well told or a brilliant story badly told, an audience of one or 1,000 would rather hear a trivial story well told. Stories are the currency of human contact. Encourage your happy satisfied clients not only tell you the story that you can repeat but to tell all their friends. This is the point. People will resist a sales presentation, but nobody can resist a good story well told.”

story telling

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