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Public Speaking Tips by Wekie Tay

There are great postings on Wekie Tay’s Blog about “Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills”.

You can click the below links to view the original postings. 

Wekie shares the following tips in the Part 1:

1. Give life and characters to the people in your speeches.

2. Explore depth rather than breath.

3. Trust yourself, no matter how unprepared you are.

4. Speak with your audience, than merely to your audience.

Here are the tips from the Part 2: 

1. Keep the speech generally positive if your purpose is to uplift the spirit.

2. Let us know what happened to the characters in your story.

3. Expand your body language with a purpose rather than to distract.

Wekie shares the following tips in the Part 3:

1. Harness the anticipation.

2. Shift the focus of your conclusion to your original purpose.

3. Cater your content to the audience.


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