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90 Public Speaking Tips from Toastmasters International

Looking for some quick tips for public speaking? Here is the extract of 90 Public Speaking Tips from Toastmasters International:

1. Know your material.
2. Make it personal.
3. Practice makes permanent.
4. Time yourself.
5. Pace yourself.
6. Arrive early.
7. Relax.
8. Visualize your success.
9. Trust your audience.
10. Don’t apologize.
11. Use humor when things go wrong.
12. Gain experience.
13. Eliminate filler words.
14. Ditch distracting mannerisms.
15. Keep your notes in check.
16. Test your volume.
17. Enter contests.
18. Enjoy yourself.
19. Use visuals.
20. Embrace your unique style.
21. Fuel your mental engine.
22. Burn off anxiety.
23. Be prepared for the worst.
24. Pause.
25. Ask a thought-provoking question.
26. Share a startling fact.
27. Don’t overload your slides.
28. Repeat the audience’s questions.
29. Give your audience an immediate action item.
30. Push the envelope.
31. Seek opportunities everywhere.
32. Be specific.
33. Be the expert.
34. Speak to groups as individuals.
35. Learn about your personal leadership style.
36. Find your strengths.
37. Be passionate.
38. Have a positive attitude.
39. Practice impromptu speaking.
40. Encourage honest evaluation.
41. Use quotes, stories and anecdotes.
42. Use “you” and “we”.
43. Don’t take things personally.
44. Trust your instincts.
45. Distinguish your goals and targets.
46. Learn from your mistakes.
47. Know when to lose your script.
48. Know the dress code.
49. Use slang with caution.
50. Breathe out.

YMCA, Santa Ana, California, home of the first Toastmasters Club

YMCA, Santa Ana, California, home of the first Toastmasters Club

51. Be patient.
52. Treat your speech like fine dining.
53. Start your career off on the right note.
54. Own your worth.
55. When you disagree with someone, rebut their ideas, not them.
56. Stand. Settle. Smile.
57. Speak your needs.
58. Get rest.
59. Avoid negative topics.
60. Smile and introduce yourself.
61. Practice eye contact.
62. Limit caffeine.
63. Don’t hide from your audience.
64. Use color.
65. Don’t alienate your audience.
66. Know your audience.
67. Avoid speaking in monotone.
68. Free your hands.
69. Be succinct.
70. Be open to evaluation.
71. Give evaluations.
72. Use blue note cards.
73. Join the online conversation.
74. Share the wealth.
75. Start your journey.
76. Accept accolades.
77. Step up.
78. Chat with ease.
79. Manage your time.
80. Make them laugh.
81. Speak your case.
82. Keep the peace.
83. PREP (Point, Reason, Example, Point).
84. Give a top-notch toast.
85. Tap into the past.
86. Use common language.
87. Don’t get lost in translation.
88. Take jokes for a test drive.
89. Use people’s names.
90. Keep a journal.

Since 1924 Toastmasters International has helped more than four million people gain the confidence to communicate.  Join Toastmasters and find a club that you like to practise your speaking skills. You are welcome to visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.


8 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Don’t you want to overcome your fear of public speaking?

Check out the below video for learning how to speak confidently in public.


Speaking in public is said to be one of mankind’s greatest fear. A fear of public speaking can occur in any environment and can impact us all.

Here is the list of the best tips to help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

Step 1: Time Perfect
Make sure that the speech delivered is appropriately timed .
Don’t overuse or under use the allocated time.

Step 2: Start Strong
The first 10 seconds of the speech will be how the audience judges you.
Start with a fact and something to make them laugh. This makes you relatable and genuine.

Step 3: Practice, Practice and Practice
Make sure you know the concept and core themes of your speech before you deliver it.

Step 4: Make Eye Contact
A good public speaker is some who is good at practicing for eye contact. The audience love to feel empowered and engaged with the speaker. Giving them eye contact achieves just that. Make sure to spread the eye contact amongst the audience.

Step 5: Body Language
Positive body language can enhance your presentation in ways words can’t.

Body language accounts for over 50% of your communication so use it effectively.

Step 6: Use Gestures
A good public speaker uses their natural gestural vocabulary as well as their words.

This means to use your hands to gesture whilst you present.

Step 7: Organize Your Speech Logically
Just like a good story a good speech also has logic and structure.

A simple three-part concept introduction middle and conclusion with a split of 20 60 20 is the norm.

Step 8: Connect With The Audience
Public speaking is about engaging with the audience and making it interesting for them to learn and understand. This can be accomplished through storytelling and advice.

Join Toastmasters and find a club that you like to practise your speeches in a friendly environments. You are welcome to visit our Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club if you are living in Singapore.