Youtube Videos – How to Use Hand Gestures in Public Speaking

“Youtube Videos – How to Use Hand Gestures in Public Speaking”

Do you know how to use hand gestures in public speaking? 
What do you do with your hands?

The following youtube videos demonstrate how to use your hands – and how not to – while giving a presentation. I find these two videos useful and would like to share with you.

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3 Responses to “Youtube Videos – How to Use Hand Gestures in Public Speaking”

  1. Frank S. Adamo Says:

    Just a note that both videos were very good. I felt that the 2nd video was excellent.

    One thing we learn in our Toastmasters clubs in California is to keep our hands to the side if we are not gesturing. I believe the 1st speaker was a bit misleading at the beginning. She said that most people stand with their hands at the side and that this looks stiff and wooden. I disagree. First, most people are very uncomfortable placing their hands to the side. Most keep their hands up or use the figleaf or hands in the back.

    As the speaker illustrated later, we certainly do not want to attempt to gesture from the position with our hands to the side, but, as I mentioned, we should keep our hands to the side if we are NOT gesturing. Other than that part, I felt her video gave valuable information.

    I really like the 2nd video because he seemed and showed how to be very natural. Many Toastmasters, when they are gesturing, tend to be overbearing and jerky in their gestures. I felt, the speaker showed excellent examples of flowing your gestures.

    Overall, these two videos were great.


  2. yetti Says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your input.
    I agree with your points. :)

    Have a nice day,

  3. masnah syed asan Says:

    Thank you.
    “to be natural”

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