Youtube Video : Presentations – How To Give Good Presentations

“Presentations – How To Give Good Presentations”

Presentations.  How to give good presentations? 

This video produced by Mohawk College describes some quick pointers on how to do give good presentations.




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2 thoughts on “Youtube Video : Presentations – How To Give Good Presentations

  1. Frank S. Adamo

    I love the opening :).

    I agree with everything Dennis said, except for one consideration. Absolutely, we need and ending; however, I suggest in my book to call for questions before you end, and not after. For example, if a presentation is one hour, the presenter will generally conclude his/her presentation at the 45 min mark and the open it up for q&a for the last 15 minutes.

    After 15 min of q&a, how many will remember your powerful conclusion? My recommendation is to wrap up your last topic with a transition into a q&a session at the 40 min mark, and at the 55 min mark, transition back into presentation with a powerful ending.

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