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Story Telling : The Folk Tale (The Magic Moneybag)

“Story Telling : The Folk Tale (The Magic Moneybag)”

I did my prepared speech yesterday at Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club. It’s an Advanced Project 1, the Folk Tale from the Story Telling Manual. The title of the speech is “The Magic Moneybag”. It is a Korean folk take and the English version is translated by John Minford.

The Story Telling Manual is one of the Advanced Manuals that you can choose to do your advanced projects.

The following is my edited version to fit the time allowed for the project.

Enjoy!  : )

Immediate Past Club President
Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club


“Helping You To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Speak With Confidence!”

Long, long ago there was a young couple who lived in a thatched hut in a small village. They were so poor that every day they had to cut two bundles of firewood and carry them to the market on their backs.

One day, the young couple came back from the mountain carrying the firewood. They put one bundle in the courtyard and planned to sell it at the market the next day to buy rice. The other bundle they kept in the kitchen for their own use. When they woke up the following morning, the bundle in the courtyard had mysteriously disappeared. There was nothing to do but to sell the bundle which they had kept for themselves.

That same day, they cut another two bundles of firewood as usual. They put one bundle in the courtyard for the market and kept the other bundle for their own use. But the following morning, the bundle in the courtyard had vanished again. The same thing happened on the third and fourth day as well, and the husband began to think there was something strange going on.

On the fifth day, he made a hollow in the bundle of firewood in the courtyard and hid himself inside it. From the outside it looked just the same as before. At midnight a huge rope descended from the sky, attached itself to the bundle and lifted it up into the sky, with the woodcutter still inside it.

On his arrival in heaven, he saw a kind looking, white-haired old man coming in his direction. The old man untied the bundle and when he found the man inside it, he asked, “Other people only cut one bundle of firewood a day. Why do you cut two?”

The woodcutter made a bow and replied, “We are very poor. That’s why my wife and I cut two bundles of firewood a day. One bundle is for our own use and the other we carry to the market. With it we can buy rice to make porridge.”

The old man chuckled and said to the woodcutter in a warmhearted tone of voice, “I’ve known for a long time that you are a decent couple and lead a frugal and hardworking life. I shall give you a piece of treasure. Take it back with you and it will provide for you.”

As soon as he had finished speaking, there came seven fairies who led the young man into a magnificent palace. Its golden eaves and shinning roof tiles shone so brightly that the moment he entered; he could no longer open his eyes. Inside the palace there were many kinds of precious objects on display: moneybags of all shapes and sizes hung in one room. The fairies asked him, “Which one do you like best? Choose whichever you please, and take it home.”

The woodcutter was beside himself with joy, “I’d like that moneybag, the one full of precious things. Give me that round, bulging one.” He chose the biggest one and took it down.

Just at this moment, the white-haired old man came in and, with a stern expression on his face, said to the young man, “You cannot take that one. I’ll give you an empty one. Every day you can take one tael of silver out of it, and no more.” The woodcutter reluctantly agreed. He took the empty moneybag and, clinging onto the huge rope, he was lowered to the ground.

Once home, he gave the moneybag to his wife and told her the whole story. She was most excited. In the daytime they went as usual to cut firewood. But from then on, whenever they returned home after dark, they would close the door and open the moneybag. Instantly, a lump of silver would roll jingling out. Every day one tael of silver and no more came rolling out of the bag. The wife saved them up one by one.

Time went slowly by. One day the husband was itching to spend all the money they had saved and he said, “Since we have so much money in hand, why don’t we build a brick house?”

The wife could not dissuade her husband and reluctantly went along with his idea.

The husband spent the money on bricks, tiles and timber and on hiring carpenters and masons. From that time on, neither of them went into the mountain to cut firewood any more. The day came when their pile of silver was almost exhausted, but the new house was still unfinished. It had long been in the back of the husband’s mind to ask the moneybag to produce more silver. So without his wife’s knowledge, he opened the bag for a second time that day. Instantly, another lump of snow-white silver rolled jingling out of the bag onto the ground. He opened it a third time and received a third lump.

He thought to himself, “If I go on like this, I can get the house finished in no time!” He quite forgot the old man’s warning. But when he opened the bag for the fourth time, it was absolutely empty. This time not a scrap of silver came out of it. It was just an old cloth bag. When he turned to look at his unfinished brick house, that was gone as well. There before him was his old thatched hut.

The woodcutter felt very sad. His wife came over and consoled him, “We can’t depend on the magic moneybag from heaven. Let’s go back to the mountain to cut firewood as we did before. That’s a more dependable way of earning a living.”

From that day on, the young couple once again went up to the mountain to cut firewood and lived their old, hardworking life.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I chose this story because I think the story speaks to us in today’s economic crisis! Most people want to make money fast. Why wait the next day to take one tael of silver from the money bag? But if you take too much, the money bag will self-destructed, just like the economic bubble that has burst recently. Don’t get greedy, especially with your investments! If everyone is crazy about the stock market, it’s the time to sell your stock. If people don’t like to talk about their stocks, it’s the time for you to invest in the stock market.


Prepared Speech – We Miss YOU! Our Dear DFM…

Prepared Speech: We Miss YOU! Our Dear DFM…(By Yetti Chiu)
Advanced Project 3: The Roast (from the Special Occasion Speeches Advanced Manual)

  • Poke fun at a particular individual in a good-natured way
  • Adapt and personalize humorous material from other sources
  • Deliver jokes and humorous stories effectively
  • Time : 3 to 5 minutes


Click the above Audio MP3 Player Icon to listen to the speech

Good evening! Fellow Toastmasters and Friends.

Welcome to our chapter meeting cum Christmas Party!

In the past few months, I really missed someone who is very important to our club.
Mrs. Ganesan, I missed you! I think most of our members may have the same feelings.
We missed you and we missed your food!

Mrs. Ganesan cooks delicious food for us from time to time without asking for any returns. She is a person with a big heart!
Kamalam Ganesan is the DFM, our Distinguished Food Master. Toastmasters from other clubs are very willing to come to our club to do project evaluations. Why? It is because they enjoy Ganesan’s delicious food. We all know about her famous curry puff, chocolate cake and her tasty rice spaghetti!

I remember Ganesan told us about how she developed her expertise.
When she was a teenager she needed to prepare dinner for her younger sisters. Her parents were busy earning a living. However, her sisters didn’t enjoy her food as it didn’t taste good. After that, the little Kamalam made up her mind to learn the art of cooking. She read a lot of cook books, studied recipes and won the stomachs of her sisters. Now everyone would say Wow to her cooking!

Mrs. Ganesan is very determined! She learned how to swim in her 50’s.
A child asked her “Auntie, why are you learning swimming? You are so old already.”
Do you know what Mrs. Ganesan said? “When I was a child, I never got the chance. I want to learn now. It’s never too old to learn anything. I am happy I can swim now!”

Mrs. Ganesan is very friendly. She smiles a lot! She is very popular. She has helped our toastmasters club to recruit many new members. Mrs. Ganesan wins the hearts of others with her smiles and her food!

That wonderful woman doesn’t only love cooking. She also has a passion for public speaking. She used to be shy and was afraid of going on stage. Since joining our club, she got over this fear and became a competent speaker. She has represented our club in many contests. She was the 2005 Division U Humorous Speech Contest first runner up.

Due to her husband’s health conditions, Mrs. Ganesan has not been able to attend our chapter meetings recently. Today, we are very lucky that we can enjoy her food again after starving for so long!

Our Dear Distinguished Food Master, Mrs. Ganesan, we are hungry for you and for your food!
We miss you and hope that your husband will get well soon!

Toastmasters of the Evening!

Club President 2007-2008
Kowloon-Singapore Toastmasters Club

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