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March 23, 2017

“Powerful Communication -Michelle Yozzo Drake”


“What if one conversation could change your life? Are you ready to have that conversation? Michelle Yozzo Drake discusses how to communicate effectively in every day life to speak your mind and convey your message clearly.”
“Do you really have the skills to be able to get your ideas across?”

Whether you are a professional, a worker, a stay at home mom, or a business owner; the ability to communicate effectively is the key to get what you want from your career and from your relationships…

Here is the transcript of the above video.

What would happen if one conversation could change your life? Are you ready to have a conversation that we have that kind of impact? Do you have the skills to be able to really get your ideas across in that one incredibly important conversation?

Whether you are a scientist or a construction worker, a stay at home mom or a professional athlete, an entrepreneur or a filmmaker; the ability to communicate your ideas effectively is the key to being able to get what you want from your career and from your relationships.

One of the things we need to really understand is that communicating is about projecting or sending messages, but it’s also about receiving them. It’s about taking those messages and processing the information that we have. When you’re sending it you have to consider your non-verbal communication, your body language, your eye contact, what you’re gesturing is saying and what your face is saying.

I may be saying yes. I’ll do what I what you’re asking me to do but my body language is saying something differently. And so, understanding how you are projecting what you have to say non-verbally is as important as the pitch and the tone. The variation and the actual words that you select to have this conversation to be able to project ease or a way to be comfortable with who you are are really important, especially when having difficult conversations.

Conversations that may be potentially explosive. Your job as the person sending the information is to be sending in a way that soothing or fusing but strong and in command. Now what you also need to be to be aware of is what information are you getting as the communication proceeds. What kind of cues are you looking for? What kind of information are you getting from their body language and from the cues that they are giving you? From the information that they’re giving you, how are you receiving that information? And then how do you adjust and how you communicate?

You would communicate very differently with your boss. You may be looking to negotiate a raise with than with your child to screaming in the back seat of your car that you just need to be quieting and don’t crash into the car in front of you.

Both are very important conversations but how you approach them is different. It’s different because you need to know who your audience is and how they respond best.

What is their communication style? How do they process information? Are they creative and so they can respond to larger conceptual pieces or are they very analytical and they respond to a bulleted list of the pros and cons and why you should get this phrase? So, understanding the communications style of the receiver is a powerful tool for you to be able to have those conversations and have a huge impact on your life.

So again, I ask you what would you do with one conversation could change your life? Are you preparing yourself to have that conversation?

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Public Speaking Fear

March 16, 2017

There is a post in Terry Dean’s blog on “Overcome Fear“.

“The greatest obstacle to creating the life you want is fear.


It affects every single area of our lives. You’re afraid of what happens if you take that next step. People spend their whole lives in their “comfort zone” because they’re afraid to step out and do something different…”

“How many years have you allowed fear to hold you back from your dreams?”

“For example, public speaking is one of the greatest fears. What if you freeze when you get up to speak? What if you say something stupid? What if you look like an idiot?

My answer is “So what?” So what if you say something stupid. You’ve probably done it before, and you’ll do it again. And I’m thoroughly convinced someone will think you look like an idiot. The majority won’t. They’re respect you for even getting up there, but someone will think you look like an idiot. So what? That same person who thinks you look like an idiot really is an idiot. So why would you care what they think?”

“Don’t allow FEAR to control your life and hold you back. Every breakthrough you’ll ever have in your life and business will require you to overcome FEAR. It’s the enemy. It’s hiding in your mind right now making up excuses for why you can’t go forward. It’s telling you why it won’t work for you. It’s creating excuse after excuse of why you have to stay where you’re at instead of stepping out toward your dreams…”


Are you afraid to stand and speak your mind?
You are not alone! Public speaking is the greatest fear a person may have.
On the other hand, to speak well in public is an asset.
Speaking with confidence is really useful. However, not everyone can do it.

You may have read through our blog and many other blogs on public speaking tips.
You may have read books on how to conquer the fear of public speaking.
You may have attended courses or workshops on how to improve your communication skills.

However, you lack a platform for practice.

Practice is the key to helping you improve in public speaking.
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Just come, relax and see what toastmasters are all about!

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